Comprehensive protection against hacking attempts for the most high-load web applications with minimum delays and guaranteed service availability


Service Level Agreement for availability of customers' applications


Effective tools for false-positives protection


Bandwidth over 4 Tbps

Comprehensive Protection Against Hacking Attempts for the most High-Load Web Application

Despite their importance, often it’s web applications which are the ‘weak link’ within organizations’ security perimeters. Typically, companies’ in-house web applications have complex architectures and many borrowed components, and in-house developers do not have enough time to organize the proper security for these resources. The application security is sometimes a sacrifice in the run for future releases of new features or functionality. Web applications are subject to various threats, such as theft of confidential data, fraud, or spoofing, and serve as a convenient entry point for further attacks.

Next-Generation Flexible Web Application Security Protection

Your Critical Web Resources are under Control

Effectively secure critical web resources against external attacks and gain complete control over application usage in the allowed scenarios with the cloud Qrator Web Application Firewall.

Strengthen Your Protection

Qrator.WAF is an advanced next-generation tool that helps to prevent a wide range of threats to web applications during their operation.

Full Coverage

A high level of protection against both simple and complex targeted attacks is achieved by using the most detailed models of the protected application along with signature-based and behavioral anomaly detection methods. 

Always Stay Online

The distributed infrastructure of WAF filtering nodes within the perimeter of the Qrator Labs network allows you to protect even the most heavily loaded applications with minimal delay and guaranteed service availability.

Distributed cloud solution

Flexible configuration taking into account features of protected applications

Fast connection

A greater set of usage scenarios compared to similar solutions

A wide range of professional services from the solution developer

Charging only for the actually used bandwidth to ensure the optimal cost of ownership

Operation in the lock mode with minimal false positives

Qrator.WAF Advanced Features

High level of protection

A high level of protection against both simple and complex targeted attacks is achieved by using the most detailed models of the protected application along with signature-based and semantic anomaly detection methods.

Effective prevention of false positives

A mechanism of early suppression of false positives minimizes their influence on decision-making. It makes it possible for a WAF operator to focus on significant events.

Unique functions of business logic analysis

Defining users, their actions in the application, action parameters, and data, as well as sequences (chains) of logical actions. This information can be used to suppress false positives and create a positive application model, or it can be exported to other systems for further analysis.

Specific machine learning algorithms

They optimize WAF performance, detect false positives, automatically build application models, and effectively use the solution in the active development cycle (SDLC).

Comprehensive Web Threats Protection

Major classes of web threats, including OWASP Top 10

Brute force attacks

Attacks on identification and authorization mechanisms

API security

Corporate service security

Adaptive Security Mechanisms

Basic security mechanism

Enhanced security capabilities

HTTP protocol validation (request types, headers, and their parameters, etc.)

Automatic filtering of static resources: a separate mode for processing static resources (provides ease of data analysis in the control and monitoring subsystem)

Analysis of requests and responses using signature analysis (including those that detect OWASP Top 10 attacks)

The mechanism of "black" and "white" lists for basic types of sources (IP address, URLs)

Blocking sources when multiple anomalies are detected in the requests

Limiting the rate of requests from one source (Rate Limiting) for the application as a whole.

Automatic detection of the performed logical actions and checking its parameters for compliance with the predetermined patterns

Controlling sequences of logical actions

Success measurement of the performed actions based on the analysis of responses, including nested data

Defining sources that are arbitrary parameters of logical actions that characterize the request source (IP address, session ID, user name, certain cookie, etc.)

Controlling users and sessions, which define the key session parameters and the logical actions that are used as a framework to set, monitor, and disable these parameters)

Controlling user authorization at the level of sessions and performed logical actions

Controlling the rate of requests to individual logical actions depending on the parameters of the request source and other parameters (Rate Limiting)

Monitoring interface

No need to have special expertise to make changes to the architecture of the protected application and configure cloud WAF rules. We provide access to a ready-made solution based on the customer's wishes and provide round-the-clock monitoring of incidents in your personal account with the following features available





A dashboard with different metrics of the protected web applications traffic (response code, locks, delay, sessions, hostility).


A flexible tool for analyzing detected security events, grouped by type and threat level, with an option to view all the details of each individual transaction. It is also possible to manually suppress a false positive when a false positive lock is detected in the transactions.


A section where all transactions of the protected application are stored, offering the possibility to flexibly search for requests using various parameters.

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