The History of Qrator

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Building Customers Loyalty

With headquarters in Prague, our mission is to provide a competitive advantage to our clients by building loyalty among their customers with the help of reliable network security solutions.

Web Security Worldwide

Our filtering network consists of 15 points of presence across the globe with analysis and filtering bandwidth exceeding 3 Tbps. 

BGP Anycast Architecture

Qrator Labs owns a unique geo-distributed filtering network based on unified BGP Anycast architecture, a platform dedicated to providing reliable, low latency web infrastructure protection against any cyberthreats that could lead to network failure. 

Global Internet Traffic Concentration: Qrator Labs' Strategic Locations

Our filtering centers are located at global Internet traffic concentration points, connected to transcontinental Tier 1 providers and leading regional backbone Internet providers. This allows for excellent connectivity in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and North Africa.

Do You Know What Qrator is About?

QRator = Queue Rator = Queue Rate limiter -- is a reference to our core technology, which accepts internet traffic intended for our clients, scrubs it from the malicious (botnet) data, and forwards to the clients legitimate traffic only. Internet packets are received in some form of queue, and as we drop the malicious traffic the rate of packets reaching our clients is limited, thus saving the resources of their servers.

Qrator Labs Story


A group of researchers started an initiative focused on studying problems presented by DDoS attacks.


A highly successful DDoS attacks research project was nurtured into a commercial DDoS mitigation cloud.


In 2010, Qrator Labs launched its own unique distributed filtering network. Qrator Labs' ease of use and efficiency led to much acclaim and helped launch the company globally providing DDoS protection for organizations from a bunch of industries, i.e. banks, ecommerce, media, education, gaming, etc.


Cyprus Office

Qrator Labs established a new office in Cyprus.

Qrator.Radar launch

Qrator Labs launched the unique product in its portfolio – Qrator.Radar, a routing data collector designed to analyze routing information, detect incidents and changes in network connectivity in real-time.

Membership in RIPE NCC

Qrator Labs became a member of RIPE NCC, the regional Internet registry for Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia.


Qrator Labs signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Internet Society to dramatically improve the Internet Routing Security.


Qrator Labs opened an office in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates to continue business development in the Middle East market.


The increasing global demand for preemptive, blanket DDoS protection at flexible, affordable pricing allowed us to expand our footprint into the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


At the end of June 2021 we detected the Meris botnet, the most powerful botnet on record, which is behind a series of DDoS attacks that have targeted thousands of websites around the world and launched the largest DDoS attack in history with 21.8 million requests per second (RPS). 

Qrator Labs became a MANRS (Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security) partner to pursue more reliable and secure internet routing. 

Qrator Labs announced the launch of Qrator.AntiBot bringing comprehensive protection against automated content search, parsing, brute-force hacking, and exploitation of loaded website components to prevent identity theft, automated data collection by crawlers, and DDoS attacks.


Our RFC 9234 (request for comment), aimed at preventing and detecting most unintentional BGP misconfigurations that create route leaks, was developed with the help of the Internet Engineering Task Force, IETF, and with receiving an RFC status became an Internet standard to follow.

The Power of Qrator Labs Expertise

Our engineers are key to our success. Hailing from the best technical universities in the world, our team brings diverse experience in the field of network security, cyberattacks research, high load networks architecture development and traffic filtering.

With the mission-minded technical people at the core we deepen the expertise in our main competences

Real-time traffic analysis and filtering

High-performance hardware and software solutions

Network security audits

Functional and stress testing of networks and networking applications

Continuous machine-learning

Nobody can change the Internet alone. Progress happens when we co-create and invest in passionate people eager to make the difference and tackle the toughest network security challenges.