Empowering businesses with high network availability and clients loyalty through cloud-based DDoS mitigation solution


Service Level Agreement for availability of customers' applications, guaranteed by a contract


Less than 5% false positive under attack (guaranteed by the contract)


Total network bandwidth

Seamless DDoS Mitigation without Performance Hits

Mitigate DDoS attacks with guaranteed uptime and no performance impact. DDoS attacks can have severe consequences for business, damaging network performance, brand reputation, leading to missed profit with every second of downtime equating to lost business. To avoid frustrating delays in response times businesses need fast, automated mitigation for minimal downtime when under attack.

Qrator Labs filtering network

Industry Leading DDoS
Attacks Mitigation

Comprehensive DDoS Protection

Qrator Labs filtering centers are located in global points of the Internet traffic concentration, connected to transcontinental TIER1 providers as well as leading regional backbone Internet providers. 

Strengthen Your Protection

Qrator Labs' filtering network allows small and large businesses to protect their applications from all types of DDoS attacks, regardless of bandwidth or complexity.

Full Coverage

With 15 scrubbing centers around the globe and throughput of more than 4,000 Gbps Qrator Labs filtering network ensures excellent connectivity in the regions of North America, LatAm, Europe, MENA, and APAC.

Stay Online Always

Qrator Labs own unique geo-distributed filtering network based on united BGP Anycast architecture provides reliable, low latency web infrastructure protection from any network attacks leading to unavailability of web resources.

How it works

Connection methods

DNS connection

BGP connection

You can connect only one resource
One website/backend (can be on several IPs). Connecting additional resource = new connection
Cheaper and easier than BGP connection. Suitable for a small number of resources requiring protection.
Available for TCP traffic
(it will no longer work on UDP - for the businesses that have their own infrastructure: VPN, videoconferencing, IP telephony - and there is a need to transmit legitimate UDP traffic)
Does not require building a communication channel
(virtual or physical)
Suites for:
A business with a small amount of resources.
A business that does not have its own AS and infrastructure and a block of independent IP address providers.
A business that needs to cut down its expences by protecting only particular parts rather than the enire infrastructure
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You can connect the entire infrastructure with all its resources = AS (websites, mail, etc.) at once.
Connecting additional resources is free - client IP addresses are used
No need to change DNS records
Available for all traffic protocols
Video conferencing protection, telephony, VPN, mail server, etc.
Available for services that initiate outgoing connections
Requires mandatory construction of communication channels to increase fault tolerance and increase SLA
We can protect the entire infrastructure including communication channels - protection against channel overflow.
Traffic to the protected resource goes through trusted communication channels, which allows you to increase the level of service
Suites for:
A business that has a large number of resources
with 25 or more IP addresses = cheaper than connecting via DNS with a number of IP addresses of 25 or more (excluding channel costs)
A business that has its own AS and infrastructure and needs to protect video conferencing, telephony, VPN, and mail servers
A business that needs complete protection of it’s entire infrastructure
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Grow your business and customers loyalty with world-class network security technologies

Mitigating attacks at all ISO OSI layers, including L7 Full set of protection options on all billing plans and for all customers.

Mitigating attacks at all ISO OSI layers, including L3-L7

Full set of protection options on all billing plans and for all customers.

Always-on 24/7 automatic protection 

No need for manual configuration or involvement of qualified specialists to get reliable protection against complex DDoS attacks.

SSL (PCI-DSS ready)

HTTPS filtration with no key disclosure allows to analyze and filter HTTPS traffic without disclosing encryption keys, without breaching the customer’s security policies.

99.95% – the highest SLA in the industry for availability of customer´s infrastructure

Customers don't pay for the service in case it does not meet the declared quality (guaranteed by a contract).

Transparency for legitimate users 

We don't use CAPTCHA or other annoying user checks.

Easy integration with mobile apps and APIs

The Qrator Labs API can be integrated with your authentication system, database or device monitoring service providing a wide range of system managing features.

Easy connection 

Multiple connection options, including DNS and BGP.

Balancing traffic between IP addresses and client web servers

We distribute the traffic between main and backup servers of the customer's website. Depending on the customer's needs we can implement individual algorithms for accessing the backup servers.

No effect on Search Engine Optimization

Can improve a website's SEO by reducing page load times and improving security.

Four easy steps to enable DDoS attacks mitigation within 15 minutes

Mitigate ddos threats in 15 minutes with 4 easy steps

Register in your Personal Dashboard 

Get a Qrator IP

Install an SSL certificate chain

Redirect your traffic to the Qrator Labs IP

Trusted by 1000+
Enterprises all over the globe

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