Grow Your Network Security Business with Qrator Labs

At Qrator Labs, we build solid partnership relationships with companies that share our mission to help customers’ business grow by delivering network security and continuous availability of online platforms and infrastructures of any kind.

For companies seeking partnership with us, we offer the multi-level Partner Program. Our program will help you create a highly profitable and reliable cybersecurity business or give a strong development impetus for an existing one. Being our partner, you will get access to the large and constantly growing market segment with more than 1000 top-level customers all over the globe, including banks, retail networks, media, and state institutions.

Our Partner Program is designed for System Integrators, Data Centers, Hosting Providers, Web Studios, Telecom Operators, MSSPs and Security Operations Centers (SOC).

Qrator Labs Partnership Benefits

Transparent Pricing Policy

We adhere to a transparent pricing policy to ensure simplicity and clarity of criteria when choosing a billing plan depending on a customer’s requirements and business specifics.

Attractive Partner Discounts

Qrator Labs offer a level-dependent discount percentage allowing partners to gain more with accordance to their competence and business indicators. 

Flexible Solution for Complex Projects

Qrator Labs provides a wide range of network security solutions both for SMBs and the Enterprise segment with guaranteed SLA up to 99,95% that can be increased by providing a dedicated channel.

Qrator API for Integration with Your Services

Qrator Labs partner API allows easy integration with your authorization system, database or equipment monitoring service and gives you an opportunity to fetch and set up all required data without a need to visit the partner account.

Training and Development

Qrator Labs provides partners with different types of in-house, online, or external training activities to increase the partnership effectiveness in the key areas such as Sales (Sales, Budgeting, Billing Plans Policy), Presale (technical aspects of the service) and Support (providing first-line technical support, working with FAQ).

Partner Portal

Partner portal gives you access to all development tools for your business and specialized support to ensure the most transparent interaction with customers.

24/7 Technical Support

Comprehensive support on each level of solution deployment available 24/7 by e-mail, phone, messengers or Ticket System in your personal account.

As part of the partner program, we provide  an opportunity to connect your clients to all types of Qrator Labs services, including access to the network of traffic filtering  against DDoS attacks, protection against hacking and hacker attacks (WAF), protection against bots (AntiBot) and secure DNS.

How to Become a Qrator Labs Partner

Step 1

Meet the requirements for the chosen program type and level

Step 2

Execute a Partner Agreement outlining terms, conditions, and requirements of the relationship between Qrator Labs and the partner

Step 3

Meet business, ethics, and compliance requirements stated in the Partner Agreement



Technology Partners

Reselling Partnership

Maximum opportunities for business development and increase in sales

Qrator Labs resellers are entitled to provide services for connecting to the Qrator Labs cloud filtration network, as well as coordinate adoption of the solutions to clients' requirements.

Partners gain access to following resources:

Comprehensive support from the Qrator Labs side

Training courses for partners' employees

Marketing support programs


MSSP & ISP Partnership

Security as a Service. Deep expertise. Large-scale technological projects

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP)

Qrator Labs Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) are able to provide DDoS protection to their customers based on the Qrator Labs filtering network.

This partnership suits diverse information security businesses willing to integrate cutting-edge Qrator Labs solutions into their infrastructure and product line.

MSSP cooperation implies large-scale technological integration inside the partner’s infrastructure. It allows to combine the deep expertise of partners and Qrator Labs and provide clients with the most leap-ahead security solutions.

Qrator Labs is committed to supporting MSSP partners on all levels of technological integration, as well as in providing combined services and further business development.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) gain access to the Qrator Labs technologies to deploy a local filtering network in their infrastructures.

This partnership can be fit for telecom and cloud service providers.

Capabilities of external Qrator Labs backbones combined with partners’ technological assets allow offering unique and comprehensive solutions to ensure the availability of client resources.

MSSP & ISP Partners

Technology Partnership

Maximum opportunities for business development and increase in sales

Qrator Labs establishes strategic alliances with the information security market leaders to ensure mutual technological integration and expanding product functionality.

Technology partnership opens up new opportunities for further development of partners’ solutions, as well as of the Qrator Labs filtering network. The synergistic effect of this deep partnership allows us to constantly increase our mutual expertise and offer clients and partners complex and diverse solutions.

Technology Partners

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