State-of-the-art network security solutions to ensure applications and infrastructure availability and make every business stay unstoppable, resilient and secure without hidden costs

What is Qrator Labs?

4 +

DDoS-resistant internet connection


Global scrubbing centers

1000 +

Clients worldwide

24 / 7

Continuous cybersecurity protection

Cloud-based security solutions with proprietary methods and expert technical knowledge

Enterprises depend on Qrator Labs' cloud network security solutions for protection against:

DDoS attack on websites

Content scraping

Hacking attempts

Account takeover

Identity theft

Brute force

Scan web server for vulnerabilities

Network security and cybersecurity issues

Cybersecurity and network security solutions by Qrator Labs

Unique market SLA

Up to 99.95% uptime for clients' applications (contractually guaranteed)

Quickest response time to attacks

Qrator Labs' cyber security and network security response time to a DDoS attack is under 1 second for L3-L4 attacks and up to 10 seconds for L7 DDoS.

Minimum false-positive incidents

0% during attack-free periods and under 5% during extensive attacks (covered by SLA), enabled by automated filtering using a meticulously designed ruleset that doesn't require manual adjustment

Transparency for users

No CAPTCHA or other annoying checks

Full BGP-Anycast

DDoS attack traffic distributed across all filtering centers to boost bandwidth and ensure traffic delivery

24/7 technical support

Accessible in English, French, and Mandarin Chinese via various communication channels. Response to any inquiry is within a 15-minute timeframe.

Acknowledged by Global Engineering Communities

We provide cyber security and network security solutions to safeguard network availability and assist customers in overcoming the most complex attacks

1.3 Tbps

Max bandwidth of a mitigated DDoS attack

71.58 hours

Max DDoS attacks duration

901 600 devices

Max registered botnet

43 644 RPS

Peak bot attacks speed

Chosen by over 1,000 businesses worldwide

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