Qrator DDoS Attack Protection Service

Empowering businesses with high network availability and client loyalty through network DDoS protection solutions


Service Level Agreement for availability of customers' applications, guaranteed by a contract


Less than 5% false positive during DDoS attacks (guaranteed by the contract) within the context of attack DDoS


Total network bandwidth within the scope of cloud network security

Seamless DDoS Mitigation without Performance Hits

Respond to DDoS attacks with assured uptime and without compromising performance. DDoS attacks can inflict significant harm on business operations, impairing network performance and tarnishing brand image, resulting in potential revenue loss as each moment of downtime translates to missed opportunities. To circumvent detrimental delays in responsiveness, businesses require swift, automated DDoS response strategies and robust web server and web app security to ensure minimal downtime during cyberattacks

Qrator Labs Network Security Filtering

Example of Industry-Leading DDoS Attacks Mitigation

Comprehensive DDoS Protection

Qrator Labs filtering centers are strategically positioned at major intersections of DDoS traffic on the Internet, linked to transcontinental carriers and prominent regional backbone Internet providers

Enhance Your Cyber Security Protection

Qrator Labs' filtering network enables businesses of all sizes to safeguard their applications from various DDoS attacks, irrespective of bandwidth or intricacy, within the context of network DDoS protection

Full Coverage

With 15 scrubbing centers globally and a throughput exceeding 4,000 Gbps, Qrator Labs' filtering network provides robust DNS DDoS protection across North America, LatAm, Europe, MENA, and APAC regions

Stay Online Always

Qrator Labs own unique geo-distributed filtering network based on united BGP Anycast architecture provides reliable, low latency web infrastructure protection from any network attacks leading to unavailability of web resources

How it works

Expand your business and foster customer loyalty through top-tier cyber security protection and secure cloud technologies

Addressing attacks across all ISO OSI layers, including L7, with a comprehensive range of protection options available on all billing plans for every customer within the context of DDoS protection

Mitigating attacks at all ISO OSI layers, including L3-L7

Complete range of cyber and network security protection options available on all billing plans for every customer.

Always-on 24/7 automatic protection

No manual setup or expert intervention required to secure reliable protection against intricate DDoS attacks within a DDoS attack-free environment.

SSL compliant with PCI-DSS standards within the scope of cloud-based data protection

HTTPS filtering without key disclosure enables analysis and filtration of HTTPS traffic, maintaining encryption key confidentiality and adhering to the customer's security policies within the context of DDoS service attack protection.

99.95% – the industry's top SLA for the availability of customer's infrastructure within the realm of cyber security information

With secure cloud technologies, customers are not charged if the service fails to meet the promised quality as stipulated by the contract.

Transparency for legitimate users

We don't use CAPTCHA or other annoying user checks.

Seamless integration with mobile apps and APIs within the context of web protection apps

The Qrator Labs API can be incorporated into your authentication system, database, or device monitoring service, offering an extensive array of system management capabilities within the realm of cyber security information.

Seamless Integration with the best web security software

Various connection methods available, including DNS and BGP, within the context of DDoS protection and secure web protocols.

Distributing traffic evenly across IP addresses and client web servers within our web server security scan framework

Within our web server security scan framework, we allocate traffic between a customer's primary and backup website servers. Based on the customer's requirements, we can deploy customized algorithms for accessing the backup servers.

No effect on Search Engine Optimization

Enhancing a website's SEO by decreasing page load times and bolstering security within the context of cyber security against attacks.

Four straightforward steps to activate DDoS attacks mitigation in under 15 minutes within a DDoS website-free environment

Mitigate ddos threats in 15 minutes with 4 easy steps

Register in your Personal Dashboard

Get a Qrator IP

Implement a Secure Web SSL Certificate Chain

Direct your traffic to the Qrator Labs IP within the realm of cyber security protection

Chosen by over 1000 enterprises worldwide for network DDoS protection

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