Qrator's Anti-DDoS

Enhancing business resilience and customer trust with a cloud-based cyber protection solution against DDoS attacks


Guaranteed Availability of Customer Applications Through a Contractual Service Level Agreement in the Best Web Security Software


Less than 5% false positive under attack (guaranteed by the contract)


Total network bandwidth

Effortless DDoS Defense with No Performance Impact in the Context of Network Security Attacks

Protect against common cyber security attacks with Cloud Data Protection and Cloudflare DDoS Protection, ensuring uninterrupted uptime and optimal performance. Cyber attacks can inflict significant harm on businesses, compromising network efficiency and tarnishing brand integrity, resulting in potential revenue loss with each moment of system unavailability translating to missed opportunities. To circumvent detrimental delays and swiftly address threats, businesses require rapid, automated mitigation to minimize downtime during attacks.

Qrator Labs Web Content Scraper Filtering Network

Industry-Leading Online Website Security Testing for DDoS Attack Mitigation

Cloudflare DDoS Protection for Comprehensive Security

Qrator Labs Filtering Centers are situated at global intersections of Internet traffic, linked to transcontinental carriers and prominent regional Internet backbone providers, focusing on WAF traffic

Enhance Your Security with Cloud-Based Protection

Qrator Labs' filtering network enables businesses of all sizes to safeguard their applications against various DDoS attacks, irrespective of bandwidth or intricacy related to DDoS attacks

Full Coverage

With 15 scrubbing centers worldwide and a throughput exceeding 4,000 Gbps, Qrator Labs' filtering network provides robust connectivity across North America, LatAm, Europe, MENA, and APAC regions in the context of network security threats and vulnerabilities.

Stay Online Always

Qrator Labs' distinctive geo-distributed filtering network, built on a unified BGP Anycast architecture, offers dependable, low-latency web infrastructure protection against cyber and network security threats that could result in web resource unavailability

How it works

Expand your business and enhance customer loyalty with top-tier network security technologies tailored to address network security and threats

Addressing attacks across all ISO OSI layers, including L7, our comprehensive protection suite is available across all billing plans and for all clients in the realm of cyber and network security

Mitigating attacks at all ISO OSI layers, including L3-L7

Complete range of protection choices available across all billing plans and for every client within the scope of cyber security information.

Continuous 24/7 Automated DDoS Protection

No manual setup or expertise from qualified specialists required for dependable protection against intricate DDoS attacks in a ddos attack-free environment.

SSL (PCI-DSS compliant) within a DDoS service attack context

HTTPS filtering in web protection apps enables analysis and filtration of HTTPS traffic without revealing encryption keys, maintaining the integrity of the customer's security policies.

99.95% - the industry's top SLA for customer infrastructure availability within the realm of secure cloud technologies

Customers are not charged for the service if it fails to meet the promised quality as ensured by the "best web security software" contract.

Transparency for legitimate users

We avoid using CAPTCHA or other intrusive user verifications in our web server security scan approach.

Seamless integration with mobile apps and APIs within the scope of cyber security information

The Qrator Labs API can be integrated with your authentication system, database or device monitoring service providing a wide range of system managing features.

Simple TCP Connection Flood

Various connection alternatives, including DNS and BGP, emphasizing BGP DDoS protection.

Distributing traffic evenly across IP addresses and client web servers in our web server security scan methodology

We evenly distribute traffic between a customer's primary and backup website servers. Based on the customer's requirements, we can deploy customized algorithms for accessing the backup servers within our cloud-based data protection framework.

No Impact on Search Engine Optimization in the Context of Cyber Security Attacks

Enhancing a Website's SEO through DNS Anti-DDoS Measures by Decreasing Page Load Times and Bolstering Security.

Four easy steps to enable DDoS attacks mitigation within 15 minutes

Mitigate ddos threats in 15 minutes with 4 easy steps

Register in your Personal Dashboard

Obtain a Qrator IP for a Secure Web Environment

Implement an SSL Certificate Chain for Enhanced Cyber Security Protection

Direct Your Traffic to the Qrator Labs IP for Network DDoS Protection

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