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Mitigate the average business loss from web scraping

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Secure your business with robust DDoS security, safeguarding your digital assets from these disruptive threats. Implementing robust information security measures can prevent these malicious bots from causing irreversible damage to your business.

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Qrator.AntiBot, an anti-bot website, effectively filters good and bad bot traffic. It ensures comprehensive protection against automated content searches, data scraping, brute-force, and DDoS attacks, without causing any inconvenience to legitimate users.

Boost your competitive edge

Bad bots that automate content scraping can negatively impact your bottom line by extracting data from your websites. Qrator.AntiBot provides a solution to this problem by effectively blocking such harmful activities. It does this by analyzing user fingerprints through JavaScript code. This method ensures transparency for genuine users while causing only minimal delay in traffic processing. By using this approach, Qrator.AntiBot effectively safeguards your website data from malicious bots, thereby protecting your profits.

Secure your brand's reputation with our robust fraud protection service designed to minimize risks and ensure business integrity.

Qrator.AntiBot is a powerful tool designed to detect and block brute force activities aimed at guessing sensitive information such as login details, encryption keys, secret links, promo codes, and other confidential data. By blocking traffic from illegitimate IP addresses right from the initial request, Qrator.AntiBot ensures that your server only serves genuine customers, preventing unauthorized access.

Explore world-renowned bot detection technologies

Master the art of DOM inspection

Unlock the power of javascript fingerprinting

Behavioral analysis for enhanced marketing success.

Secure your systems with our preventing tampering

Effective scoring strategies against valid users

Assessing similarities to recognized bots

Experience effortless deployment with enhanced performance for seamless operations

Advanced monitoring mode

Blocking mode

The Qrator.AntiBot system is designed to proxy further a user's request, even in the event of any validation outcome. If a response is sent to the Qrator.AntiBot from a browser, it won't trigger an error code. Instead, the validation details are meticulously logged in the event record. This event log is always accessible to the Qrator.AntiBot operator for review. The system ensures smooth user interaction while maintaining a robust defense against bot activities.

Browsers or applications that are poorly fingerprinted, or lack JavaScript support, including non-browser scrapers, will be presented with a customizable block page. A genuine user will initially encounter the check page (either a blank or tailored 401 page) and, following validation, will access the desired page.

The product interface accommodates permissions for beneficial bots, quality assurance, and other instances that necessitate bypassing checks. Trusted IP addresses, CIDR lists, geozones, and header rules can be defined to facilitate these scenarios.

Understanding the functioning of advanced bot protection

Explore Qrator.AntiBot, a powerful component of Qrator Labs' DDoS Mitigation platform, designed to effectively block text rewrite bots and enhance your digital security.

APls protection

Web-based locations

Discover robust DDoS protection for your APIs, ensuring secure and seamless performance.

Secure your Native Mobile App APIs from Brute Force Attacks with Qrator.AntiBot's Advanced Protection Solutions for iOS & Android.

Unlock the Power of Browser-Based Authentication for Enhanced Security and User Convenience

Master the art of Browser-Based Authentication (BBA) for app users, optimizing login stages and ensuring compatibility with various operating systems and environments.

Security tokens

Mastering the validation of security tokens

Master the art of DDOS filter

Effective API Access

Explore web-based locations

In locations where Qrator.AntiBot safeguards web-based users, it scrutinizes the browser's environment when accessing a protected resource, subsequently generating a tracking cookie for deemed trustworthy browsers. Simultaneously, Qrator.AntiBot limits access to the resource for visitors employing script-based bots or using web scraping software solutions, inclusive of comprehensive browser-based systems.

Discover four simple customization steps to improve your business

Discover how to set up and customize Qrator.AntiBot checks in simple steps for optimized security

Step 1

Authenticate your visit: define and confirm user authenticity at key website entry points

Step 2

Discover exclusive, validated user-only features such as crucial API calls, credential fill-in forms, and advanced search methods on our secure website.

Step 3

Highlight trusted users & friendly bots via header, IP/CIDR, and geo-based exception rules

Step 4

Select % of users for A/B testing, smoothly onboard features with set rules impact

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