GogoPass and Qrator Labs join forces to elevate cybersecurity standards in Malaysia

In a significant move to bolster cybersecurity in the Asian region, where digital threats are escalating, Qrator Labs, a leading network security provider, has just announced a strategic partnership with GogoPass, a market expansion services provider renowned in Malaysia. This landmark agreement, signed in January 2024, is not just a business expansion, but a vital initiative to safeguard Malaysian digital frontiers.

"As emerging technologies such as generative AI sweep across the globe, the urgency for robust cybersecurity defenses in both state and commercial sectors in Asia cannot be overstated," said Victor Zyamzin, global head of business development at Qrator Labs. "In 2023, Asia was the epicenter of cyber threats, accounting for 31% of global cyberattacks, as per the IBM report. This partnership is our answer to a growing need, positioning us to empower local businesses against these evolving threats."

Qrator Labs, with its global filtering capabilities, provides multilevel DDoS mitigation and a shield against a spectrum of network attacks. The collaboration with GogoPass, leveraging their extensive network and innovative approach within the digital industry, establishes this partnership as a cornerstone for strengthening cybersecurity across the region.

Under the partnership agreement, GogoPass becomes the local technology ally for Qrator Labs, crucial in promoting Qrator's advanced security services throughout the region. Their role extends beyond market development to broadening their own network of partners. GogoPass will ensure Qrator's technologies reach a varied range of clients, including major telecoms and end-users in need of reliable availability solutions. Additionally, in response to the government sector's demand for high-level cyberattack protection, GogoPass will provide specialized educational and consulting services to government and state entities.

"Joining forces with Qrator Labs aligns perfectly with GogoPass's vision of a secure digital Asia," said Jonn Pua at GogoPass. "As leaders in market expansion services, we recognize the need for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. This partnership is our way of ensuring that Asia's digital growth is matched with equally strong security measures."

Qrator Labs’ operations in Malaysia, launched in November 2023, marked the beginning of its commitment to the Asian market – a region experiencing rapid technological growth and digital adoption. "With an internet penetration rate of 96.8% and a vibrant online ecosystem, our focus is to fortify this dynamic space against cyber threats," added Victor Zyamzin.