Qrator Labs WAF integrated solution is based on SolidWall WAF technologies, one of the leading Web Application Firewall products developed in Russia. It’s the next-generation tool which helps to protect web applications from wide range of threats.

The development of the SolidWall WAF smart firewall was launched in 2014 and by the time the product started off in the market it materialized all the best of SolidLab’s experience in the field of security analysis and fine-tuning of protection tools for businesses as well.

Now, the solution is a powerful web application security instrument for business of any size or specifics.

SolidWall WAF combines various protection mechanisms. The use of the most detailed operation models of the protected application, along with signature and behavioral methods for detecting anomalies, provide high degree of protection from both simple and complex attacks.

Effective tools for false-positives protection, along with the use of machine learning algorithms, make it possible to put WAF into operation as quickly as possible.

Key Advantages of SolidWall WAF

  • Fast connection and minimum maintenance cost. After basic configuration, which takes some reasonable time, WAF can be painlessly switched to blocking mode, which will provide effective protection from the main classes of threats
  • The widest range of use cases among similar solutions. The functionality of SolidWall WAF allows the solution to be used in various scenarios to protect traditional browser-based web applications, mobile products, APIs, internal corporate information services, government information systems and other types of applications
  • Unique functions for analyzing business logic. SolidWall WAF is the only solution in the market that implements a full-fledged analysis of the business logic of the application. The information about actions performed by the user and user action parameters can be used to fine-tune the protection - or be exported to other systems if needed
  • Interpretable machine learning. SolidWall WAF supports intelligent machine learning algorithms which minimize the overhead of WAF configuring. All machine learning results, if necessary, can be analyzed and corrected by the System operator
  • Solution flexibility:
    • Could be provided as a cloud solution - or can be hosted at the customer's site
    • Fine tuning with due respect to all of the tiny details of the protected applications The fine-tuning in generally is much easier - comparing to other similar solutions
    • Customer can choose the optimal tariff plan according to the business tasks and the criticality level
  • Professional services from the developer – such as, system configuration, monitoring and responding to incidents, preparing analytical reports – allow the customer to get maximum efficiency from the solution. The combination, and the volume of services depend on the current customer needs and resources