Why Qrator Labs

Smart HTTPS traffic filtering without decryption

Only Qrator Labs is able to filter encrypted HTTPS traffic automatically, both with and without the encryption keys provided, with minimal efforts from your side!

Easy to connect - change the A record and you're protected!

We assign an IP address in the Qrator Labs network to your domain. You just need to alter the DNS A record of your website and then all your traffic will pass through our network and be filtered before it reaches your resources. You don't need to change your hosting.

Full-auto protection mode (up to L7 OSI)

Various filtering devices require constant professional attention and manual configuration in order to mitigate sophisticated attacks (especially application level attacks - L7). Qrator Labs doesn't take your time and attention to keep your resources protected.

Free 7-day trial period

You get a 7-day trial period in case your website is not under a DDoS attack, or a 1-day trial period if you come being attacked. During this period you can appreciate the ease of connecting to Qrator Labs and acquire detailed statistics on your website's traffic, and in case of an attack you let Qrator Labs do its job and demostrate the effectiveness of its operation.

Mean availability of Qrator Labs customers' websites in 2020 - 99,9875%

More and more network resource owners who regularly experience intensive DDoS attacks choose to become our customers. With this in mind, we increase the level of mean availability of our customers' resources each year.

Qrator Labs is transparent for legitimate users

We don't use captcha and any other checks that annoy your website's visitors.

Comprehensible online reports in Personal Dashboard

You can access the results of analysis of your website's traffic for any time period you've been using our services. This instrument can be used for monitoring the performance of your web applications. Using the API you can connect your existing monitoring system (Nagios, Zabbix etc) with Qrator Labs and receive notifications on the incidents in the format most convenient for you.

SLA - you don't pay if we don't provide the quality we've promised

We are confident in the quality of our services and the value of our reputation, so we back them up with material guarantees - if the terms of SLA are not met during a month, you will not be charged for our services provided for that month.

Minimum false-positive incidents: 0% normal, no more than 5% during an attack

The algorithms implemented by Qrator Labs allow determination of the cause for increasing attendance of the resource - whether it is a DDoS attack or increasing interest from the visitors. The website performance is also constantly monitored - if it operates normally, the traffic filtering is reduced to a minimum.

Qrator Labs uses only genuine solutions for filtering and analysis of the traffic

More than thirty developers and mathematicians are busy with constant improvement and refinement of Qrator Labs algorithms and adapting the operation to the technological changes in the sphere of DDoS cybercrimes.

Qrator Labs reaction time to a DDoS attack - 30 seconds to 3 minutes

Our statistics shows that if the protection for your website is enabled preemptively, in 97% of the cases the attack on your resource is mitigated in full-auto mode no later than in 2.5 minutes. In the rest of the cases this process may take some more time.