CDN is a geographically distributed network infrastructure which allows to organize the content delivery and distribution to end users in the Internet in the best possible way.  
The use of CDN by content providers improves significantly the download speed for audio, video, software, game and other types of digital content by Internet users at the geographically distant points of presence of the CDN network.

Qrator Labs offers a CDN solution in partnership with RuGeeks. RuGeeks is an international company founded in 2015 by professionals with background in IT, Telecommunications and Global Economy. 
The solution already includes protection against DDoS attacks and is particularly flexible: it can be scaled-up on demand and adapt as quickly as possible to the needs of the customers. Anywhere in the world.
In fact, RuGeeks has developed a technology for rapidly deploying additional nodes of its network.
Cost-effective and easy to set-up cloud by RuGeeks gives you freedom of action

  • RuGeeks-powered, and integrated into Qrator Labs, GIX® platform allows you to expand regional coverage - or expand network capacity without additional investment, or cost
  • Cloud-on-Demand Service allows you to shift capital costs (CAPEX) to the third parties. How does it become possible? The GIX® Platform (Global Infrastructure eXchange) connects the huge network infrastructure of various providers and carriers      into a common network - the GIX® cloud ecosystem and is backed by it
  • GIX® platform from RuGeeks provides freedom to its customers: the ability to pay for the used nodes only


RuGeeks-powered CDN solution from Qrator Labs is not just a partner product, but also the result of seamless integration.

The clients enjoy the following advantages:

  • Ease of scaleup and system deployment 
  • Several services are managed from one personal account  
  • Reliable 24/7 Technical Support anywhere in the world in English, Russian, French and Mandarin Chinese


This service could be interesting for:

  • Companies providing the organization of broadcasting, online television and streaming, projects related to the distribution of audio and video content
  • Media: newspapers and magazines - sites that regularly feed and sell rich content
  • Education and all educational and educational projects where there is a need to ensure the smooth uninterrupted transfer of content
  • Online shops and ecommerce
  • Companies of Beauty and Lux ​​Industry (usually rich visual content and ads)