Bot Protection

Bot Protection is a solution protecting web applications from unwanted automated parsing (automated content scraping activities), brute forcing and the abuse of stressed application components. These activities are mostly malicious and directed at an interruption of regular application operation, an unauthorised access to personal data, unethical collection of competitive intelligence - and potentially, may have many other malevolent goals.

The service is based on and built into Qrator Labs internet traffic filtering platform. It works together with Qrator Labs DDoS Mitigation Solution at the application level. The detection of malicious activity is done by analyzing user requests and user fingerprinting by means of active client-side checks and challenges. Bot Protection can successfully detect scripted bot  implementations as well as automated headless browsers powered by modern orchestration tools. This approach allows blocking malicious actors as soon as they send in their initial request, preventing its execution on the side of server. 

Analysis, detection and mitigation - everything is processed automatically and does not require any action on the client's side.  Network setup and configuration is flexible for the protected network application and allows to perform necessary types of checks for different parts of the application components. The technological platform of Qrator Labs DDoS Mitigation with distributed traffic filtering network provides transparent detection of the legitimate users with the smallest added delay in traffic processing.