Infrastructure audit

Your website keeps growing steadily, the business plan promises well-being and stability for years ahead, but one day you face a hardly explicable problem - while the infrastructure keeps expanding as planned, your website suddenly starts failing to handle the expected growth of incoming requests or even stops working at all. There may be various reasons for that - beginning with poorly written website source code and up to the bottlenecks in the hardware of your infrastructure.

The main task of infrastructure audit is to increase effectiveness of the existing project by performing detailed, intricate analysis of all its components - from the hardware to the application source code. We can sort out and provide you with a strategy of further development of your infrastructure which will take into account the dynamics of your website's growth. As a common practice, infrastructure audit is the next step after load testing has been done.

By terms of this service we will:

  • conduct technical expertise of the solution offered by your specialists or third-party developers and put together a conclusion on its suitability for the given task;
  • perform technical audit of your working source code, solution architecture and network infrastructure used for the project's implementation;
  • sort out practical recommendations on how to refine the source code and supervise their implementation;
  • sort out practical recommendations on reorganization and further scaling of web infrastructure;
  • suggest suitable solutions for implementing regular updates of website's software;
  • suggest recommendations on how to organize the web application's backup data storages.
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