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HAVE QUESTIONS? READ FAQ Small / Medium Business Large Business
SMB 1Gb/s
SMB 3Gb/s
Business 10Gb/s
Corporate 10Gb/s
Corporate UNL
SMB 1Gb/s
SMB 3Gb/s
Business 10Gb/s
Corporate 10Gb/s
Corporate UNL
Monthly subscription fee €520 €750 €1320 €1920 €3860
Guaranteed availability (SLA), no less than 97,0% 97,0% 99,0% 99,5% 99,5%
Maximum DDoS filtering bandwidth 1Gbps 3 Gbps 10Gbps 10Gbps unlimited
Billed traffic legitimate legitimate legitimate legitimate legitimate
Legitimate traffic bandwidth included in the subscription fee (Mbps) 3 3 3 3 3
Excess legitimate traffic cost (per 1Mbps) €20 €20 €20 €20 €20
Assignment of 1 additional Qrator IP for a group of domains, monthly €250 €250 €350 €520 €720
HTTPS filtering with decryption
HTTPS filtering without decryption with API provided, one-time per domain/monthly per domain €260/€260 €260/€260 €260/€260 €260/€260 ✓/✓
Remote Firewall
Reliable DNS, monthly on request on request on request on request on request
Expanded incident reports
WAF (Web Application Firewall) on request on request on request on request on request

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Enterprise Custom

If your business doesn’t function that means CISO doesn’t work as well. Our geographically distributed cloud is resistant to any DDoS or network anomalies that are observed today.

PP (Pure Port) - new Qrator Labs technology that is available under this billing plan and guarantees SLA> 99,5%. We provide a dedicated channel (VPN MPLS L2) from our cloud to your infrastructure that allows you to:

  1. neutralize DDoS influence factor on your provider, hosting or data center;
  2. make an attack on your direct IP disadvantageous;
  3. exclude the possibility of filtered traffic blocking or intercepting between the filtration cloud and protected resources;
  4. completely transfer responsibility for the resource availability to us;
  5. optimize Internet port costs - you get it as part of our service.


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Billing plans also include: 

Performance monitoring of your web resources

We constantly monitor the performance of protected services and inform you immediately in case of problems.

Robust API

We know how difficult it is to control all information systems working in a large company and enable you to integrate our service into available monitoring tools.


Network announcements management based on our cloud

Our cloud is connected to the main Internet providers, and Radar.Qrator system can detect incidents on their networks. Your network’s traffic balancing allows you not to lose a single legitimate user of your service.


Individual regular reports

You want to control specific parameters of our services or to make regular and detailed reports on a specific form to your management. We will help you with that!


Filtered traffic balancing between your web servers

If you have few web servers supporting your service, we will undertake its performance monitoring and incoming traffic balancing in case of any problems. You can also choose from available (Round Robin and so on.) or offer a custom algorithm of traffic redistributing to the production server.