December 29, 2022
The one area that is particularly popular is information technology, especially when it comes to work from home opportunities.So, Qrator Labs, a DDoS mitigation service provider and an expert in the continuous availability of Internet resources, made a study on the job market. The data was collected based on Semrush, SaaS online visibility platform, from August 2020 to August 2022 in the UAE.

Сybersecurity work search queries increase 104 per cent in UAE

The number of job requests for one of the positions — which is Go Developer — dropped during the last two years by 80 per cent among applicants in the UAE. Having this in mind, the UAE is searching for qualified programmers, web developers, and designers. Maxim Beloenko, VP — global sales, said: "The UAE is a market with a continuously developing cybersecurity industry and steadily growing level of professionals joining multinational and national companies. The new approach of hiring specialists who will become innovators is a great chance to take the field to a new level, making the UAE a centre of attraction."
November 16, 2022
According to a comprehensive research report by Market Research Future (MRFR), “Content Delivery Network Market Research Report: by Type, Solution, Application - Forecast till 2030”, states that the global content delivery network (CDN) market is projected to reach approx. USD 67.12 BN by 2030, registering a 20.43% CAGR throughout the review period (2020-2030).

Content Delivery Network Market Projected to Hit USD 67.12 Billion at a 20.43% CAGR by 2030 - Report by Market Research Future (MRFR)

For instance, on Oct. 29, 2022, Qrator Labs, a provider of DDoS mitigation services and continuous availability of internet resources, launched a global content delivery network, Qrator.CDN in the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries. Expanding coverage and infrastructure in the UAE will provide a scalable CDN service to companies in the region, accelerating website performance and delivery of media files.
November 8, 2022
Qrator Labs presents a new study on the impact of possible failures of backbone telecom operators on the global availability of national Internet segments. Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore and the United Kingdom are leading the reliability ranking, while the Middle East has yet to break through to the top.

Qrator’s labs revials possible failures of backbone telecom operators in the Middle East

«Internal connectivity between Middle Eastern countries is relatively low, meaning traffic between the two neighboring countries can go through Tier-1 operators from the US and Europe. The reluctance of some Middle Eastern states to organize cross-border communications over optical links is understandable. Still, the country's increased Internet connectivity with its closest geographic neighbors is beneficial as any potential failure is less likely to cause severe problems in Internet access for its citizens and businesses. Today, the absolute majority of traffic on the Internet, including international traffic, is encrypted by algorithms at the military-grade level, and there is virtually no way to intercept or tamper with the data. In this regard, it makes sense for operators to establish as many traffic exchange points as possible with their neighbors in the region, even if the states have no diplomatic relations,» explains Alexander Lyamin, the founder of Qrator Labs.
October 31, 2022
Qrator Labs, a DDoS mitigation service provider, launched a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) for customers in the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries.

Qrator Labs launches CDN service in UAE

The expansion of Qrator Labs' coverage and infrastructure in the UAE will provide companies in the region with a scalable CDN service that accelerates website performance and delivery of media files to end-users, the company said.
October 31, 2022
SafetyDetectives spoke with Alexander Lyamin, Founder and CEO of Qrator Labs. We spoke about how he started the company, what it’s like to operate with billion dollar companies, and how Qrator Labs helps prevent or mitigate DDoS attacks.

Interview with Alexander Lyamin - Founder and CEO of Qrator

We do what people call DDoS mitigation, but we call it application availability because many other factors can cause your application to go down. Routing issues, DNS issues, certificate issues. What we do with our main product is that we keep our customer applications online no matter what.