February 15, 2017
In collaboration with Wallarm we have presented a report on network security in 2016. As a company with main focus on DDoS mitigation solutions we observed a few changes in the field during the last year.

Network Security Report 2016 Qrator Labs & Wallarm

Incidents related to Denial of Service attacks are again getting media attention. But now a proper attack may threaten availability of the whole regions. The problem again requires increased attention as if we went 57 years back in time. Until the past year it could appear that the issue of DDoS was solved. But power of attacks and their complexity rose significantly in 2016. In past even powerful 100300 Gbps attacks caused no real pain. Complex attacks on application layer protocols were rare. In 2016 the world saw 1 Tbit/s attacks for the first time, while attacks on the L7 layer became much more widespread.
September 26, 2016
The country’s biggest lender wants to bring other Russian banks under its digital umbrella, a move some analysts say may give it an unfair competitive advantage. State-owned Sberbank is cooperating with the Federal Security Service while the lender crafts a nationwide cybershield for use by other financial bodies that it says are woefully unprepared to fight off hackers.

Sberbank Wants to Save Skeptical Russian Rivals From Hackers

Banks will worry that the need to share decoded data may lead to clients being lured away, said Alexander Lyamin, head of Moscow-based cybersecurity firm Qrator Labs, which specializes in preventing so-called DDOS attacks. “Common interests are served only when the cyber-umbrella doesn’t belong to any of the banks,” he said.
August 21, 2014
We usually send filtered traffic over the public network, but there are also cases when the attack targets customer's infrastructure directly, bringing down the whole hosting or data center in order to disable just one website... Hence the VPN connecting the filtering network and the customer is an additional element increasing overall robustness of DDoS mitigation system.

Qrator Labs and Circuit Exchange announce the start of technological partnership | comnews

Qrator Labs and Circuit Exchange announce the start of technological partnership | comnews Today one of the most reliable DDoS mitigation schemes is the algorithm directing all traffic to pass through a specialized network where it undergoes analysis and filtering, sending it over VPN directly to customer's network afterwards. Under the terms of cooperation Qrator Labs and Circuit Exchange have already implemented several unique joint projects: so as to prevent hacker attacks, the traffic of the protected websites goes into the Qrator cloud and uses secure channels to reach customer's web infrastructure...
July 21, 2014
Not much of a sensation, but still... PumpWater won't likely be pumping again anytime soon.

Tinkoff catches the suspect of spring DDoS attack on TCS Bank

TCS Bank announced they found the presumed malefactor of a DDoS attack which targeted the bank this year's spring. The suspect is a 20 year old man from Volga Region. The bank discloses no further details, reportedly for the purposes of investigation...
June 25, 2014
How to create Qrator Labs with your own hands. Master class by Alexander Lyamin

Alexander Lyamin, Qrator Labs: "DDoS is a compliment to mass media"

SiliconRus has an interview with Qrator Labs chief executive, Alexander Lyamin, about the DDoS mitigation market in Russia, finding out who and when uses cyberattacks in order to disrupt the website's operation.