Qrator Labs Releases Qrator Bot Protection

September 22, 2021

Qrator Labs is announcing the launch of Qrator Bot Protection aimed to protect web applications against all types of bot attacks. It brings comprehensive protection against automated content search, parsing, brute-force hacking, and exploitation of loaded website components to prevent identity theft, automated data collection by crawlers, and DDoS attacks.

Qrator Bot Protection is already integrated into Qrator Labs' traffic filtering platform that takes minutes to deploy and enables a flexible creation and configuration of user-defined rules.

Qrator Bot Protection validates the requests to a website when it's first accessed, providing generic protection at the application level. It then searches for malicious activity and recognizes bots based on both the request analysis and the user's digital fingerprint. Instead of blocking by IP address, requests are blocked individually on a point-by-point basis.

Qrator Bot Protection detects both scripted bot implementations and impersonation attempts using advanced automation tools. This approach enables the blocking of malicious sources from the very first request they send, preventing the dangerous scripts from execution.

Qrator Bot Protection was implemented by a bank loyalty program. In the first three months since its launch, the website served over 1.5 billion requests, while the percentage of bot requests could range from 40 to 95% at peak times. The largest attack scored 370 requests per second, comparable to a local DDoS attack. However, thanks to Qrator Bot Protection mechanisms 100% of the malicious traffic was neutralized.

"The activities of bots are called the 'white noise' of the Internet, and organizing protection against them is a much more complex activity even compared to setting up defenses against direct hacks. Bots' activities like content theft or parsing, are not always instantly noticeable, but such interference can harm business indicators, putting extra load on the infrastructure, – says Alexander Lyamin, the founder and CEO of Qrator Labs. – Qrator Bot Protection aims to keep the influence of bots on business metrics such as conversion, clicks to buy, user retention, and availability of the technical infrastructure at low, insignificant levels. The shared technology platform with Qrator AntiDDoS distributed filtering system provides transparency for legitimate users, while transparently analyzing and neutralizing threats in automatic mode."