March 16, 2017

Qrator Labs protects the most expensive Runet 2017 companies according to Forbes

According to our report on network security in 2016, power and complexity of DDoS attacks has significantly risen. DDoS attack may threaten availability of any business on the Internet.

Get connected to Qrator cloud is an advanced attacks mitigation method which helps maintaining high-level availability of different web resources including domains of the largest companies on the Internet. In particular, we protect 6 from the list of TOP-10 the most expensive Runet 2017 companies according to Forbes. We believe one of the reasons they got into this list was right approach to business security and continuity providing.

Even if you have not gotten to TOP-10 Forbes yet, we do recommend you to think of your business protection on the Internet in advance – this will help you to go through rough ways to the stars. Regardless of your company size we will offer you a qualitative service to effectively mitigate attacks as well as guarantees on the continuity of your business on the Internet.