Qrator Labs protected the Universiade 2019 against DDoS attacks and hacks

March 20, 2019

Qrator Labs protected one of the key infrastructure Universiade partners “MRSK Sibiri” (part of the Rosseti Group) against DDoS attacks and hacks. The project was implemented in cooperation with the Qrator Labs partner – the virtual data center CORTEL.

 “MRSK Sibiri” provided continuous power supply for the World Winter Universiade facilities using modern digital technologies.  A large-scale project was delivered to upgrade most of the infrastructure, digitalize all Universiade facilities and provide online equipment monitoring.

Special attention was paid to reliability of the Krasnoyarsk power supply complex as well as continuous resources availability and protection against any potential external incursions into automated systems running the power system.

Qrator Labs provided full protection of the “MRSK Sibiri” external network perimeter against DDoS attacks and hacks at the application level, as well as the geoportal – a high load map of the Universiade power system showing all energy facilities, their current and planned electricity consumption.

“Protecting the Universiade’s large-scale energy infrastructure from a whole complex of network attacks allowed our company to gain useful and important experience. Ensuring information security of international sports events is quite a sophisticated problem but Qrator filtering network in conjunction with Wallarm Web Application Firewall proved to be effective providing continuous resources availability and protection against hacks. I am proud that our solution received high mark from the Energy Department,” said Alexander Lyamin, CEO and founder Qrator Labs.

 “In partnership with our technology partner Qrator Labs we have built an effective information protection system for “MRSK Sibiri” which made it possible to mitigate all attacks in the shortest time and ensure 100% security and reliability,” said Alexey Klushin, Chief Commercial Officer, CORTEL.