December 21, 2017

Qrator Labs invited to participate in the 61st ICANN public meeting

Artem Gavrichenkov, CTO Qrator Labs, received the status of ICANN Fellow for participation in the 61st ICANN conference (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number). The ICANN international conferences have an important impact on the expansion and evolution of the Internet. Such public meetings is a great opportunity to discuss issues related to domain names regulation, DNS system security and various aspects of the global network functions. ICANN announced 60 individuals from 49 countries who were selected out of 488 applications to participate in the ICANN 61 Fellowship program in Puerto Rico, from 10 –15 March 2018. Only two individuals from Russia are going to participate in the event, one of them is Artem Gavrichenkov from Qrator Labs.

Successful candidates represent many sectors of society, including civil, government,  academia, parts of the business community and science groups. Active involvement of technical community in the ICANN ecosystem is an important step in the industry development. It is necessary to ensure a balanced coordination of the domain name system with due consideration of all parties interested in how basic documents of the global network are developed.

Participation in the ICANN public meeting is a significant achievement of our team working actively on improving the technical component of the Internet. With ICANN Fellowship program we get involved in ICANN policy development processes, gain access to vast knowledge about technical aspects of the ICANN community activities. It is also a great opportunity to strengthen ties with the Internet  global community.

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