Qrator Labs extends its global DDoS mitigation network by opening a new traffic filtering center in Moscow

January 25, 2022

Qrator Labs opened a forth traffic filtering center in Moscow. The new point of presence was launched in partnership with a leading telecommunications operator Megafon and data center IXcellerate.

Having launched the fourth point of presence in Moscow in collaboration with the telecom operator Megafon, Qrator Labs not only expanded its filtering network, but also increased its performance. Now the company's distributed infrastructure in Russia is connected to the channels of the four largest backbone Internet service providers, which drastically minimize performance latency and improve network resiliency in the region. 

Today Qrator Labs' filtering network consists of 15 nodes, including four in Russia, two in the U.S., three in Europe, four in Asia, one in the Middle East and one in South America. The new location brings Qrator Labs’ total DDoS mitigation capacity to more than 3000 Gbps. 

“Russian business is increasingly moving towards the online format, and the percent of companies offering their products and services on the Internet is rapidly growing. Against the background of this growth, the desire of businesses to protect their resources from any attacks causing even the slightest unavailability of a website or application is clearly visible. With the help of leading mitigation technologies and an ever-expanding network of filtering centers, Qrator Labs consistently stays ahead of threats and offers the highest levels of security protection and operational stability to the customers. Opening of the fourth filtering point in Moscow allows us to provide more Russian customers with DDoS protection services ensuring high traffic filtering performance,” comments Alexander Lyamin, founder and CEO of Qrator Labs.