Qrator Labs expands presence in East Asia

April 28, 2020

Qrator Labs opens a new Point of Presence in Osaka, Japan to provide more clients with the service of Continuous Availability and DDoS Mitigation.

Asia is one of the most important ventures for Qrator Labs. Launch of a new point of presence is a part of the company’s strategic expansion into markets with significant growth potential.

Japan is one of the most progressive markets, and it is also favourable in terms of investment climate: the government's strategic initiatives further support IT development in the country. 

The new filtering node with BGP-anycast is connected to the channels of the largest backbone Internet service providers. It complements the Qrator cloud solution enhancing the company's infrastructure. 

By opening the new Point of Presence Qrator Labs has boosted its network capacity;  reduces even more the risk of failure and minimizes connection latency. Today Qrator's filtering network consists of 12 nodes, including three in Russia, two in the U.S., three in Europe and four in Asia. Thus, the Qrator filtering bandwidth network capacity is over 2 000 Gbps.

"The new node in Osaka massively broadens our network's coverage. Previously, Japanese customers traffic had to be rerouted through Hong Kong - we actually still could provide clients with DDoS mitigation services in the region. But development of our cloud solution infrastructure in Asia makes it possible to offer the best in class quality of DDoS protection service directly to our customers," said Alexander Lyamin CEO and founder Qrator Labs. “As a next step we also seek to continue our business development in other regions such as the Middle East, India and South America."