Qrator Labs expands network presence in the Middle East and opens a new traffic filtering center in Dubai

March 2, 2021

Qrator Labs opened a new Internet traffic filtering center in the Middle East market to provide DDoS attacks mitigation services. The new filtering center of the company is launched in Dubai.

The Middle East region is currently in the midst of a serious transformation process, the main integral part of which is the formation of a technological innovations’ ecosystem. IT spending in the META region, which includes the Middle East, Turkey and Africa, is forecasted by IDC to increase by 2.8%, and to reach $ 77.5 billion in 2021.

The tasks of Internet resources’ availability and security become the highest priority for an increasing number of companies in the Middle East. DDoS attacks stay among the growing concerns of the Middle East businesses and organizations. Many companies in the Gulf region not only regard the denial-of-service attacks as one of the main business threats, but also recognize the need to organize comprehensive protection against them. In a challenging economic situation, when an increasing number of companies is moving online, risks in cyberspace will continue to grow, the potential losses may increase, which means that business is now in a very vulnerable position.

The opening of a new filtering center in Dubai becomes an important milestone in the development of the Qrator Labs filtering network and the company's global expansion strategy. With this point of presence, the company significantly increases its network coverage, ensuring low latency to customers within the Middle East region and maintaining business continuity for all who needs that with criticality.

“The Middle East market is variegated, and sometimes it’s quite challenging to maintain acceptable homogeneous connectivity in the region. However, the company managed to build its network in such a way as to decrease fault tolerance rate and strengthen the geographic distribution of the Qrator Labs network and provide necessary access to the clients and partners in the region, - comments Maxim Beloenko, Qrator Labs Director in the Middle East. – The infrastructure development allows Qrator Labs cloud solutions to reach the clients in META region with DDoS-mitigation service at minimum network delays and at an acceptable cost.”

The new filtering center in Dubai became the 13th in the global infrastructure of Qrator Labs. Today, the Qrator filtration network includes three nodes in Russia, two in the USA, three in the EU, four in Asia and one in the Middle East.