Qrator Labs enters South America

April 6, 2021

Qrator Labs announces the opening of a new traffic filtering center in Brazil to provide DDoS mitigation services in South America.

The South American market is booming in technology recently. Online services are launched en masse, telecom operators are emerging, and internet traffic is growing at an unimaginable rate. So, the Brazilian e-commerce market is the largest in South America and at the same time the most dynamic sector of the economy of the continent. 

According to GSMA, data traffic in Latin America will grow more than six times by 2024, and 5G penetration will reach 62 million connections by 2025.

In parallel with the growth of the economy, increase in market players and, accordingly, increase in competition, the interest of cybercriminals in the businesses of this region is raising. For several years now, DDoS attacks have been one of the most serious threats in South America, since the infrastructures of many businesses do not comply with the required protection level, which gives attackers a field of opportunities to launch ransom attacks - or custom DDoS attacks.

By opening a new point of presence in Brazil, Qrator Labs is expanding its network coverage across the entire South American region so that DDoS protection service will now be provided to customers with minimum latency rate which makes it possible for any business to connect to Qrator Labs cloud solution with affordable spending - and securely protect the buiness from distributed network attacks. 

“The Latin American market has great potential in terms of traffic growth and Internet infrastructure development. So, it’s a logical step for us to open a new traffic filtering center in Brazil to expand the regional presence. Following our mission to make the Internet a safer space, we want to offer our cloud service to as many companies in South America as possible in order to increase the overall network security of the region - and the infrastructure resiliency for all businesses. Our company's future plans include expanding the Qrator Labs network in the southeastern direction, in particular, opening a new filtering point in India”, – comments Alexander Lyamin, founder and CEO of Qrator Labs. 

Today, the Qrator Labs filtering network includes 14 filtering points: a new traffic filtering center in South America, in the USA, the EU, in Asia and the Middle East.