Qrator Labs and Yandex.Cloud announce new DDoS mitigation service

April 15, 2019

Qrator Labs, a DDoS mitigation service provider, and Yandex.Cloud, a public cloud platform from Yandex – the Russian Internet company, announced availability of the new Yandex DDoS Protection service. The service is designed to protect applications hosted in the cloud infrastructure against DDoS attacks.

Yandex DDoS Protection is activated at the moment of a cloud resource creation and applied to public IP addresses of virtual machines, network balancers and database hosts in Yandex.Cloud.

After connection, regardless of whether the attack is in progress or not, all incoming traffic enters the Qrator network and undergoes the analysis. The legitimate traffic is then redirected to the protected website.  Yandex DDoS Protection automatically filters traffic on Layer 2 and Layer 3 of the OSI network model, and also protects against SYN-flood attacks.

Continuous monitoring allows the filtering nodes to sort out which traffic profile can be considered normal for each website and immediately detect a DDoS attack almost in real time.

Yandex DDoS Protection combines the capabilities of the external backbone network Qrator and equipment located directly on the cloud network. The Qrator filtering nodes deployed in the Yandex.Cloud infrastructure ensure that traffic generated locally in the national Internet segment is completely cleared of any anomalies. The Qrator core network with multi-terabit bandwidth protects cloud resources against attacks with traffic generated somewhere in the world.

Alexander Lyamin, founder and CEO, Qrator Labs said, “We have invested all our experience in analyzing Internet traffic and building a fault-tolerant distributed network in the new project with Yandex.Cloud. The key goal of our cooperation was to provide an affordable DDoS mitigation service which can be used by a large number of clients hosting their applications in the cloud infrastructure. Our partnership with Yandex.Cloud is going to be longterm. We plan to scale up the system and deploy additional filtering nodes in the Yandex.Cloud infrastructure for further service functionality development.”