Qrator Labs and Oxygen provide DDoS protection for clients of the data center

January 27, 2021

Qrator Labs announces strategic partnership in Anti-DDoS with Oxygen, the large data center operator and cloud services provider.

Oxygen is a modern Tier-3 data center with 99.982% reliability and a total capacity of 12.8 MVA. Since the start of its work in 2001, the data center has not had a single failure. The highest level of SLA has been ensured for its customers, including temperature factor. In addition to growing its physical capacities, the Oxygen data center has been also engaged in developing a virtual data center based on the Oxygen Cloud Platform - one of the most advanced cloud platforms today.

Oxygen's customers are large business companies working in various industries, from retail to industrial production, banks and IT, and for all of them the exceptional level of service, security and reliability of network infrastructure is crucial.

Oxygen is selective in terms of partnership vendors and seeks for well-thought-out solutions which can best be integrated into the technical infrastructure of both data center and the cloud platform.

As part of its SOC (Security Operation Center) strategy, Oxygen is developing a stack of cloud-based information security products. Qrator Labs solution for protection against DDoS attacks and hacking will help to successfully expand the list of data center services. A specialized solution for protection against DDoS attacks and hacking based on the Qrator Labs filtering network will be available to customers of the data center. Through integration with other Oxygen cloud services and by connecting to the SOC, customers will protect their infrastructure at all levels.

Qrator Labs uses the most reliable to date DDoS mitigation scheme, when traffic analysis is done automatically by special machine learning algorithms. Through multi-level filtering, the traffic which is purified of potential threats is then sent back to the customer's network. So, all illegitimate requests are blocked in the Qrator Labs network and do not reach the client's resources at all.

Pavel Kulakov, Oxygen Founder and CEO:

“The landscape of the modern digital economy is changing rapidly, and Oxygen is one of the headliners of modernization, creating not just data centers, but a full-fledged IT cluster which includes cloud platforms development as well as the introduction of new tech solutions and R&D center. It is extremely important for us to be not only an IT infrastructure platform provider to our customers, but also to offer the most modern and demanded services that ensure security of customer data”.

Alexander Lyamin, Qrator Labs Founder and CEO:

“Being an innovative traffic filtering service vendor, we specifically value the partnership with Oxygen data center as it opens up great opportunities for potential scaleup of our solution, and working with clients not only in Russia but also in global markets. In particular, in Southeast Asia, where Oxygen became the first data center operator of Russian origin, who deployed a cloud cluster located it in Singapore”.