December 21, 2018

Qrator Labs became the first Russian member of the Internet Service Providers constituency in ICANN

Prague, Czech Republic, December 21, 2018 – Qrator Labs, a DDoS mitigation service provider, announces that ICANN approved its application for joining The Internet Service Providers and Connectivity Providers constituency to ensure open communication between ICANN and communication service providers.

The ISPCP (The Internet Service Providers and the Connectivity Providers constituency) is part of ICANN ecosystem attentive to the needs and concerns of network operators while using the DNS system. It develops Domain Name management policies and fulfills aims and goals of the global DNS system.

The ISPCP members are Internet service providers, Connectivity Providers, or service providers associations which are valuable in their region and able to provide feedback and  bring their specific and unique expertise to ICANN. Among ISPCP members are DE-CIX, the world's largest German Internet Exchange Point, LINX, telecom operators AT&T, Telefonica, Verizon, Comcast, Japan’s national network focal point, etc. Qrator Labs became the first Russian company whose application for membership in the Constituency was approved by the ISPCP.

“Qrator Labs’s membership in the global ICANN community is a significant achievement of our team. It shows recognition of our efforts in the Internet improvement globally. We have been providing DDoS mitigation services for DNS servers and domains for 5 years as well as monitoring their security and stability. Work in the ISPCP allows deeper integration between the Russian ISPs and the global DNS community,” said Artem Gavrichenkov, CTO, Qrator Labs.

Qrator Labs assumes a range of responsibilities as a member of the ISPCP. Qrator Labs technical expertise will help generally improve functioning of the Domain Name System. Since one of Qrator Labs services is DNS servers protection, the company plans to collect data on servers failure worldwide and share it with ICANN. DNS servers problems may be such as lack of Cyrillic support, problems with the spread of new root domains, etc.

As part of the ISPCP Qrator Labs will also improve security of the DNS system and solve problems related to the Internet of things attacks propagation. The increase in intensity of attacks may exceed the ability of root server operators to provide protection and disrupt stable functioning of the DNS system. So it is quite important to engage ISPs of each region in active work and discuss the Internet of things issues at the global level.

Alexandra Kulikova, Head of Global Stakeholder Engagement in Eastern Europe and Central Asia said, “I am pleased to welcome Qrator Labs join the ISPCP, an integral part of the GNSO (generic Name Supporting Organization). ISPCP represents the interests of Internet providers and Connectivity Providers and unites telecom and Internet companies from all over the world. Not a single Russian company or interests of other stakeholders of our region have been represented in it so far. I congratulate Qrator Labs on its membership and wish interesting and successful work within the global ICANN community. I am sure that the experience and expertise of the Eastern European technical community have great potential and can contribute a lot to development of the global domain space.”