November 13, 2016

Qrator Labs has introduced the second version of the BGP Open at the 97th IETF

We have introduced the second version of the BGP Open. It is modification of paper developing by Alexander Azimov, network architect at Qrator Labs, working group. The document was presented by Randy Bush, the "Father of the Internet" and the head of Internet Initiative Japan. Randy has a great influence in the industry and is an experienced speaker. During his speech, he constantly referred to key persons interested in the standard implementation. Randy also noted the work of Eugene Bogomazov, our developer, who converted one of the two NTT components.

According to Randy, the policy has ended, the technique began. This is confirmed by the fact that the opponents from the NIST joined the group of our coauthors and there is an interest around the topic from Juniper representative.

More information about the issues that working group solves you can find in the latest version of the draft "Route Leak Detection and Filtering using Roles in Update and Open messages".

Randy Bush presentation since 2:24:42 following the link.