In early May, 2019 the public cloud platform Yandex.Cloud encountered a first persistent series of DDoS attack.
French video-sharing technology platform
Southeast Asia’s leading eCommerce platform
One of the foremost providers of corporate and investment banking services in Austria and a leading universal bank in Central and Eastern Europe
The first integrated telecommunications operator in Turkey
Social Discovery Ventures invests in technology companies and license brands, technologies and other IP to businesses around the world.
Global digital marketplace for binary options
Payment services company providing game developers and publishers with payment, billing, distribution, and marketing tools
Japanese restaurants chain
Web sites and pages building kit based on custom blocks for adaptive web pages.
FoodPlex includes the SberFood platform , the Plazius Marketing Cloud digital marketing system, the Afisha-Restaurants media service, etc.
Online school
Payment service that enables its users to make payments to individuals, the internet, and mobile communication channels.
Independent vendor offering Mobile Network Operators and financial industry integrated solutions that help them grow revenue and improve loyalty
Hybrid Intelligence for financial markets
The biggest online ticket trader
Free online bulletin board
An independent informational TV channel
The Russian developer of anti-viruses
Recognized world leader in pizza delivery operating a network of company-owned and franchise-owned stores in the United States and international markets
Media about Internet business for employees of Internet companies
Xakep is one of the most read technology magazines in Russia, being published since 1999.
Russian non-governmental, nationwide online news service.
One of the biggest Russian airline companies
School education network
The largest private airline in Russia with the most modern fleet in the Russian air transit market
Leader in credit cards and has developed retail deposits programme in Russia, serving customers through a high-tech branchless platform.
Worldwide payment system
The leader of legal online film distribution in Russia.
Educational platform with online courses
An online service for buying airplane tickets and booking hotels all over the world. is an online clothing and footwear retailer.
Retail chain of healthy food
Travel booking website using a method of ticketing that helps travelers save money and time.
One of the leading Russian online travel agencies.
American pizza restaurant franchise
Well-established Russian esports organization
Moscow coupon service
Largest resource for IT professionals in Europe
Integrated broad-based multibank Internet payment system, is historically the first Russian electronic payment system.
One of the largest online stores on Runet for the sale of power tools, power, industrial, climate and garden equipment and more.
Online store of unusual gifts
Successful Russian marketplace with a wide range of goods
Internetional online games publisher
Home appliances online store
Largest Russian insurance private company with the universal portfolio of services both for business and private clients
One of the biggest Russian tour operators
Developer of the most popular service for hosting webinars and web conferences in Russia and Eastern Europe
Comprehensive trading platform
Auto holding group
Healthy food delivery
International online passenger transportation aggregator.