As part of the partner program, we provide  an opportunity to connect your clients to all types of Qrator Labs services, including access to the network of traffic filtering  against DDoS attacks, protection against hacking and hacker attacks (WAF), protection against bots (AntiBot), Content Delivery Network ( CDN) and secure DNS.
We provide expert technical and marketing support to attract new customers and accelerate your business growth.

The Qrator Labs partner ecosystem includes over 200 companies throughout the world that interact directly with corporate clients, offering them an extensive portfolio of services based on Qrator Labs technologies.
Our partner program is designed for System Integrators, Data Centers, Hosting Providers, Web Studios, Telecom Operators, MSSP and Security Operations Centers (SOC).

Benefits of partnership with Qrator Labs

Clear Pricing Policy

We keep to transparent pricing policy to ensure simplicity and clarity of criteria for our clients when choosing a tariff, depending on the requirements and business specifics.

Qrator API for Integration with Your Services

Easy integration with the authorization system, database or equipment monitoring service of a partner or a client is provided.

Flexible Solution for Complex Projects

Qrator Labs solutions are available for small and medium-sized businesses, and for the Enterprise segment as well. The SLA for all clients is set from 97% to 99.99% - with the ability to increase through building of dedicated channels.

Partner Portal

Partner portal gives you access to all development tools for your business and specialized support to ensure the most transparent interaction with customers.

Partner Discounts

Discount is regulated according to the competence of the partner and their business indicators. Partners with “Gold” status receive high discounts for Qrator Labs services, assistance in sales cycle and co-marketing budget.

Training and Development

Qrator Labs organizes an ongoing knowledge exchange, trainings to grow competence for the technical specialists of partners in three key areas: Sales (Sales, Budgeting, Tariff Policy), Presale (technical aspects of the service) and Support (providing first-line technical support, working with FAQ).

Technical Support 24х7

Ticket System in your personal account – as well as phone or e-mail consultations 24х7.

Active Presale Support

We help partners in active presale of our solutions. Partners can involve our inside Presale Engineers at all stages of sales support: from a first-time presentation to finding an individual solution for each client and preparing a commercial proposal.

The Qrator Labs service model integrates seamlessly into your business processes, providing  optimization of company operations,  possibility of quick adaptation and cost reduction.

Case studies

Huawei Cloud

In July 2021, the Middle East team of Huawei Cloud worked with Qrator Labs to onboard the Qrator DDoS Protection service onto the Huawei Cloud Marketplace.

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Qrator Labs and BI.ZONE, a Russian cybersecurity solutions developer, presented a joint solution for countering DDoS attacks. BI.ZONE company became a certified MSSP-partner (Managed Security Service Provider) of Qrator Labs and began providing DDoS protection services based on the Qrator filtering network for its customers.


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Yandex Cloud

Qrator Labs and Yandex.Cloud, a public cloud platform from Yandex, the Russian Internet company, have developed in the framework of the MSSP partnership the new Yandex DDoS Protection service to protect against DDoS attacks the applications hosted in the cloud infrastructure.
Yandex DDoS Protection gets connected at the moment of creating a cloud resource and is applied to the public IP addresses of virtual machines, network balancers and database hosts hosted in Yandex.Cloud.


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GlobalDots, an Israeli integrator in the web- and cloud security systems, has become a strategic partner of Qrator Labs.

GlobalDots has been one of the world's largest independent partners in cloud integration and web performance optimization for over 10 years. GlobalDots clients are offered a specialized comprehensive solution for protection against the DDoS attacks based on the Qrator filtering network designed for extreme loads.

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Qrator Labs cooperates with Selectel, the leading Russian provider of cloud and hosting services.
As part of technological cooperation, Qrator Labs monitors the Internet traffic of the Selectel clients around the clock, detecting the malicious ones, and thus providing a proactive protection against DDoS attacks.

The Internet traffic is monitored on all Selectel infrastructure solutions, including a cloud platform, dedicated servers and the customers' equipment located in the data centers.

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T1 Cloud (Technoserv Cloud)

The Qrator Labs solution for DDoS attack protection organically complemented the cloud platform services of the largest Russian system integrator Technoserv which actively develos a stack of cloud services for its customers. In December 2019, the companies also presented an updated comprehensive service for DDoS protection, with a simultaneous use of WAF (Web Application Firewall), focused on the retail demands.

The service allows you to prevent malicious attacks on information systems, the number of such attacks increases during a pre-holiday sales period.

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Qrator Labs provides services to counter DDoS attacks and provide stable DNS on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, together with Kcell JSC, the leading mobile operator of Kazakhstan.

Cooperation between Qrator Labs and Kcell makes it possible to provide customer support around the clock, in Kazakh, Russian and English. To protect web resources, there is no need to change the hosting provider or telecom operator: customers have access to a full range of services and all the power of the Qrator Labs backbone.

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